The programme for the 2021 ACE workshop

This year’s ACE worshop will take place on July 22nd in Bologna, during il Cinema Ritrovato. The event, in collaboration with Europa Cinemas, will be divided in two different session, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, regarding the re-openings and film education. You can find the programme of the day below.

ACE Workshop, Bologna, 22nd July  – In collaboration with Europa Cinemas

Moderator: Francesco Clerici

MAMbo Conference Hall, via Don Minzoni 14

First Session: 11AM-1PM


At the occasion of the annual ACE Workshop we will look into both what we might have learned from the pandemic lockdowns, as well as which paths we might pursue when opening up to a new normal.

Opening remarks: Sandra Den Hamer



Do we expect audiences to rush back, hungry for cinema screenings? Or are active measures needed to attract old and new audiences? We explore experiences and inspiration from colleagues in re-opening their cinemas. Has audience behavior changed or are there new audiences, who have become aware of the physical offerings during the lockdown? Is there a different pattern in what audiences want; on screen, coffee, drinks, food, etc.?

Participants (in presence or online): Michal Bregant, Madeleine Probst, Gian Luca Farinelli, Mikko Kuutti and Kirsi Raitaranta.



The pandemic led to many ACE institutions exploring new ways to make film heritage available online. With the new online presence, both free access, VOD, and other platforms, film availability and rights clearance require different skills and mindset. Are there activities and initiatives worth continuing and developing? Have the online activities led to new ways of engaging with our audiences that are worth continuing? And what about rights?

Participants (in presence or online): Thomas Christensen, Giovanna Fossati, Ellen Harrington, Mikko Kuutti, Lauren Murphy,  Kirsi Raitaranta.


Second Session: 3PM-5PM


The second session of the workshop will focus on film education (in short) and what opportunities it offers to ACE members. We will make it concrete by sharing good practices and showing relevant projects that can be used right away by cinematheques.

Film education provides people with all the skills they need to participate fully in a society in which visual culture is leading. Those who master the language of film can give meaning to the film experience, and see the world and themselves in a richer perspective. Cinematheques are preserving, making accessible, contextualizing and keeping their national, and international, film collection alive. In the abundance of images and films in today’s society, the guiding role of cinematheques is increasingly relevant. Cinematheques can expose and connect (about and with film): to what is historically important, and what is special, wonderful or urgent. Cinematheques can help children, young people and adults to discover the power of visual language in all its facets.

Good practices in this workshop: CinArts (presented by Cineteca di Bologna and Cinémathèque Royale de Bélgique); CinEd (presented by Cinemateca Portuguesa) ; Cinemini Europe (presented by Eye Filmmuseum and DFF) ; and CCAJ (presented by Cinémathèque française and BFI)

Participants (in presence or online): Nathalie Bourgeois, Simone Fratini, Elisa Giovannelli, Paraskevi Karageorgu, Christine Kopf (moderator), Rui Machado, Adeline Margueron, Mark Reid, Sebastian Rosenow, Florine Wiebenga.

Closing remarks: Mikko Kuutti

Due to Covid restrictions, the meeting room only has 35 seats available. Please book only if you are sure you are attending and indicate if you will attend both the morning and afternoon sessions. To book, please write to

Please note that the workshop will be fully video-recorded and it will be available online in the ACE website and FB page.

If you want to watch the workshop live, a Zoom live is available here.


We are happy to invite you at 6 pm to the cocktail at the Cameo Bar in Piazzetta Pasolini, after the workshop.

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