ACE-FIAPF Framework Agreement

Framework Agreement by ACE and FIAPF for Voluntary Deposit of Films in European Preservation Archives

After several years of negotiations, ACE and the International Federation of Film Producers Associations(FIAPF) agreed on a framework agreement for voluntary deposit. The text was approved by FIAPF’s General Assembly in Cannes (May 2009) and by ACE’s General Assembly in Bologna (July 2009). The European Commission DG Information Society and Media supported the negotiations between both parties. The aim of the agreement is to replace the FIAPF contract of 1971 and to adapt it to a new digital environment and the enlargement of the European Union. The framework agreement serves as a reference for voluntary use by the members of both parties and will be completed by a model contract for bilateral negotiations. The agreement was signed by the Presidents of both organisations at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival. The framework agreement regulates:

  • Conditions of deposit
  • Initiative for preservation and restoration
  • Access and use by the producers and the archives
  • Permanent withdrawal of deposited material

ACE-FIAPF Framework Agreement (pdf) ACE-FIAPF Framework Agreement (word)

Template Bilateral Agreement (pdf) Template Bilateral Agreement (word)

A summary of the Framework Agreement translated in all EU official languages is available here

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