The online retrospectives of Filmarchiv Austria

Ever since the first lockdown, the Filmarchiv Austria responded with the offer of a curated online program. A concept with a future, as it turned out, because the digital Home theater has meanwhile established itself as an opportunity for broad access to Austria’s film heritage and has since regularly accompanied the retrospectives shown in the METRO Kinokulturhaus.

There are still a few days left to watch the retrospective celebrating the 25 years of Amour Fou, available free of charge. The production company, while being relatively young, has a portfolio of over 100 works (as of September 2020) that showcases a special passion and great artistic visions.

In the United Europe in the mid-1990s, two creatives from different countries and film sectors came up with the idea of ​​jointly founding a production company: Bady Minck was already an internationally successful film artist at this time, Alexander Dumreicher -Ivanceanu previously worked as a critic and curator. Initially an association that was supposed to bring innovative films to the cinemas, it soon became a company that briefly operated as a Minotaur Film before the name “Amour Fou” was determined. At first it was mainly active in Luxembourg, the Vienna branch was only added at the beginning of the new .

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