European Classic Documentary Film Meetings

Seeking for new restorations of documentary films for distribution:

The 2nd edition of the European Classic Documentary Film Meetings will take place on March 19th 2021 as part of ParisDOC, the professional section of Cinéma du réel, France’s oldest creative documentary film festival.

A complete one-day program had been put together for the 1st edition last March, which unfortunately had to be cancelled because of the first lockdown in France. We are now very determined to prepare the 2nd edition for our next festival in March 2021 (adapting to the evolution of the pandemic, naturally).

Consequently, we are actively searching for classic feature-length documentaries currently in the process of being restored (rather than films already fully restored), for them to be presented to film distribution professionals during our event.

The European Classic Documentary Film Meetings are a professional, B-to-B event: the goal is to present documentaries currently in the process of being restored, and which will have a new digitised copy available for distribution within the upcoming months. The idea is to present these ongoing restoration projects to European film distribution professionals, in order to help these films to be distributed commercially in their restored copy (whether in theatres, on TV, in DVD or VOD), in Europe and beyond, when the restoration will be over.

Please inform us by December 15th of any feature-length documentary restoration project currently underway in your cinematheque, film archive or film institute. Please also do let us know about any documentary restoration project conducted by other organisations or private right-holders which you might be aware of within your professional networks.



Pierre-Alexis Chevit
Project Development Manager, ParisDOC – Cinéma du Réel
+33 684.784.126

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