A George Méliès program on ARTE in collaboration with the Cinémathèque française

To celebrate the soon to be opened Méliès Museum, ARTE, in partnership with the Cinémathèque française, offers a series of short films by George Méliès and the premiere of the documentary Le mystère Georges Méliès directed by Serge Bromberg and Eric Lange.

The shorts featured on arte.tv are:

  • Le Royaume des fées(1903, 16 min.), Le Voyage à travers l’impossible (1904, 22 min.), Le Locataire diabolique (1909, 6 min.), Le Palais des mille et une nuits (1905, 21 min.), La Sirène (1904, 4 min.), Les Affiches en goguette (1906, 3 min.) until March 9th
  • Le voyage dans la Lune (1902, 15 min.) until January 15th
  • Les Cartes vivantes(1904), Excelsior! (1901), The Man with the Rubber Head (1901, 3 min.), The Fly Man (1902, 2 min.), The Devil’s Four Hundred Farces (1906, 17 min.), The Infernal Cauldron (1903, 3 min.) until May 31st

The documentary Le mystère George Méliès, a co-production by ARTE, Steamboat Films, Lobster Films and Blackhawk Films, will be available for streaming on arte.tv until March 9th. Enriched by interviews with Costa-Gravas, Michel Gondry and film history experts, the film retraces the life and work of Méliès.

To find out more on the program, click here.

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