New films on Eye Film Player available worldwide

Right now on the streaming platform Eye Film Player, you can find two new films that are available to watch world wide.

Written and directed by Mostafa Derkaoui, About Some Meaningless Events was conceived as an independent and collective effort of militant filmmakers, actors, musicians, poets and journalists at a time of heightened repression on freedom of expression in Morocco and was funded by the sale of paintings by several contemporary painters. The film was first screened in Paris in 1975 but was immediately taxed with censorship and forbidden from exhibition and export.

About Some Meaningless Events was forgotten until a negative print was found in the archives of the Filmoteca de Catalunya in 2016 and restored there in collaboration with L’Observatoire in Casablanca. Forty-five years after its completion, the film is finally released.

For four decades, Albania was Eastern Europe’s most secretive regime. For millions of Albanians living within its sealed borders, daily life was far from the socialist paradise lensed by the state-run New Albania film studio. Albania’s first post-communist film, The Death of a Horse (1992), vividly captures the Balkan nation’s traumatic past while reflecting on the tremendous social and economic challenges to come. Crafted months after the dictatorship’s fall, the low-budget film was shot on Kodak and developed on AGFA. This fateful choice caused Cannes to remove it from competition for not meeting the festival’s technical standards. The film was restored in 2018.

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