Film Restoration and Digitisation – EU Funding Available

As a follow-up of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, the European Commission will support the restoration of at least 4 heritage films. The total available budget is 320 000 €.

European Year of Cultural HeritageThis project is managed by Creative Europe MEDIA and we are now gathering proposals for restoration and digitisation of films with a recognised value and a potential to find audiences in various EU states.

The EC grant can cover either the full restoration process or part of it (the grant can be accumulated with other sources of funding).  The expected final product must include subtitles in the 24 official EU languages. An audio description is also encouraged. The deadline for delivering the final product (a remastered version of the film ready to be screened) is 31.10.2019.

The proposals should be sent via e-mail to and should include:

  • Basic info: title, year of production, director, genre, synopsis  (or other very short description of the theme), language, copyright owner
  • Physical condition of the film – required scope of works and expected timeline of works, including whether the restoration has already started etc.
  • The budget of required works
  • Please explain why should Creative Europe support the restauration of this film – (maximum 10 lines):
    – why it might be considered part of shared European film heritage?
    – has it been previously exploited outside country of origin (cinema, TV distribution)?
    – you may include any other relevant information, such as received awards etc.

We strongly recommend joint restoration projects of several European film archives and film heritage institutions.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 15th April 2019. The selection will be made until end-April.

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