At the end of March, the Cinemateca Portuguesa-Museu do Cinema hosted the second partner meeting for CINARTS, the fourth European Film Education project conducted by Cineteca di Bologna and co-funded by Creative Europe. The project is developed with Cinemateca Portuguesa, Hungarian Film Fund, CINEMATEK, Les enfants de cinéma and BAM! Strategie Culturali.

The two-year project aims to investigate the relationship between cinema and the other visual arts, in order to highlight the role of cinematographic heritage within the art history of 900.

The final result of the project will be a website that both teachers and their students can use, which will provide a system for cinema education by exploring the multiple relationships between cinema and the visual arts (painting and photography in the first place) that constitute the reference system of the twentieth century’s imaginary.

The partnership will develop in-depth paths between cinema and art using the heritage films preserved by the European film archives and contemporary cinema with particular attention to European films.

On the website there will be available several paths to analyze the links between cinema and visual arts, from the chronological one to in-depth analysis of the various aesthetic movements and historical avant-gardes.


The platform will not have an encyclopedic approach, but rather illustrate those relationships between cinema and art that permeate our visual imagery and that make the cinema an essential element of the artistic panorama from the twentieth century onward. The platform will be officially released in October 2020. is now online, where you can discover more about the project.


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