Film archives’ offer during the COVID-19 crisis: Part 1

ACE has decided to highlight the initiatives organised by its members during these difficult times, in which film archives have to reinvent themselves online. It’s in moments like these that we need culture, cinema, more than ever. After exploring the Italian film archives’ initiatives, now it is time to explore the francophone area’s offer.

  • LA CINÉMATHÈQUE FRANÇAISE offers on its website more than 800 videos that include cinema lessons from some of the biggest authors and actors, conferences and video-essays. It is also possible to read more than 500 articles, to discover the gems from its collection. To find out more, click on the following link: Since the cinema has been shut down since March, the Cinémathèque française has decided to open a movie theater named Henri, after the film archive’s founder Henri Langlois: a screening every evening at 20h30. To find out more, click on the following link:

  • CENTRE NATIONAL DU CINÉMA ET DE L’IMAGE ANIMÉE offers suggestions on what to watch on VoD platforms, podcasts, shows on cinema, tv show and documentaries. The film archive doesn’t forget young cinephiles, highlighting the initiative of Brefcinéma, the website of the agency of short-film, which has decided to make six short-film available online accompanied by suggested pratical activities to keep children occupied: Charlot musicien by Charlie Chaplin, Le Renard minuscule by Aline Quertain and Sylwia Szkiladz, Lisboa Orchestra by Guillaume Delaperriere, Sientje de Christa Moesker, L’Hiver de Léon by Pascal Le Nôtre and Pierre-Luc Granjon and La Saint-Festin by Anne-Laure Daffis and Léo Marchand. To discover more, click on the following link: 


  • LA CINÉMATHÈQUE SUISSE, every Friday for the month of April, puts online a feature-length movie from its archives. The movie will be online for free for a week, using the code “cscinema”. To find out more about it, click on the following link: The film archive will also show a new short-film restored by them every Wednesday. You can view the current offer on this website: 


  • LA CINÉMATHÈQUE DE TOULOUSE offers to cinephiles to discover than one thousand photos on its Flickr page, to watch 160 videos on its Vimeo page that includes conferences, masterclass, roundtables. It is also important to showcase the website which makes available online amateur movies and documentaries. To find out more, click on the following link:


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