Film archives’ offer during the COVID-19 crisis: Part 6

In this installment of our series on film archives’ offers during the COVID-19 crisis, we will discuss what ACE members from the Balkan Peninsula are organizing for their audiences.

CRNOGORSKA KINOTEKA has created a series of videos presenting different Montenegrin cities through time with material from the archives and an added soundtrack by Montenegrin alternative bands. This initative follows the contribution the Film Archive has provided to the film program of the Second Program of RTCG. The cycle “Crnogorski gradovi kroz vrijeme” can also be watched on the Crnogorska Kinoteka’s website. Via the following link you can watch one of the most recently published videos and have access to the others available:

SLOVENSKA KINOTEKA highlights the website which is part of the projects Razumevanje filma (A five-year educational project by the FIlm Archive for secondary school teachers across Solvenia) and Filmska osnovna šola (a five-year educational project of the Art Cinema Network of Slovenia for primary school teachers). The website provides guidelines and pedagogical materials. During the pandemic, the project team has updated the website with quality creative and educational content for different age groups, list of recommended films, databases and so on.

TAINIOTHIKI TIS ELLADOS has organized online screenings with great success. These feature a selection of rare films from its archive that are presented for the first time online, through the new digital theater. Each film has its online premiere on a specific date and time and following that it will be available for 72 hours. The third program, that has started on the 14th of May and will continue until the 26th, is a tribute to Greek Experimental/Avant-Guarde Cinema with works by Kostas Sfikas, Thanasis Rentzis, Antonietta Angelidi and Vouvoula Skuora.

KINOTEKA NA REPUBLIKA SEVERNA MAKEDONJIA has made available on Cinesquare interesting materials from its archives. We would like to highlight the series of magazines named “Филмски преглед”, prepared by the film company Vardar Film in the period from 1948 to 1952. It is a mosiac of film footage, testimonies and reports from the first post-war years. They were shown in cinemas before the screenings. To watch them, click on the following link:

The film archive also highlights the tenth edition of the Philosophical Film Festival which takes place on Cinesquare from 21-31 of May. For the first time a cash prize will be awarded to the winner of the Short Film Selection. For more information, click on the following link:

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