A new beginning for film archives: Cinémathèque française

Tomorrow, Wednesday July 15th, the Cinémathèque française reopens its doors and will stay open for the entire open of August with two screenings per day at 16h and 19h30 (Monday and Tuesday excluded) in the Henri Langlois hall.

From that day a large exhibition dedicated to Louise de Funès will finally open to the public (from 11am to 8pm, expect Monday and Tuesday.

July 15th will also see the beginning of the retrospective of lesser known movies featuring Louis de Funès with the screening of Ni vu, ni connu (Yves Robert, 1958) at 16h. At 19h30 Belle de jour (Luis Buñuel, 1967) opens the cycle of “grands classiques de l’été” (running till Sunday 30th, here you can find the full program). Every screening in July and August will be in 35mm.

Henri, the fourth screening room of the Cinémathèque française, created during the lockdown and turned into something deeply of vital importance for the film archive, will hand its duties over to the Henri Langlois hall. All the movies on the platform will remain online without time limitations, except for restrictions for broadcasting rights. Henri will find a new voice at the start of September with the new school year.

The Cinémathèque française will resume all of its activities on Wednesday September 2: opening of the Library, ramp-up of educational activities and reopening of the two screening rooms Franju and Epstein.

The public is invited to go to cinematheque.fr, from June 15th at 11am to reserve tickets for the exhibition (online reservation required and screenings). To celebrate the reopening, 1000 tickets for Louis de Funès exhibition will be sold at 5 euros.

To find out about the sanitary measures and access procedures, click here.



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