Austrian Film Museum Publishes “Kinonedelja – Online Edition”

6 June 2012 – The Austrian Film Museum has recently published its flagship online video project: “Kinonedelja – Online Edition”. 14 of the original 43 issues of the early Soviet newsreel series “Kinonedelja” (Kino-Week) survive in the Austrian Film Museum’s collection. The newsreels, which date from the years 1918 and 1919, are not merely significant for their depiction of life in the young Soviet Russia during the civil war, but also because they represent Dziga Vertov’s first contribution to cinema.

The films of Dziga Vertov have always played a key role in the collection, preservation and publication activities of the Austrian Film Museum since its foundation in the 1960s. It is therefore apt that his first films should also be the first films presented on the Film Museum’s website. The films are available to view in full length and full translations of the inter-titles are provided in both German and English.

View full list of Kinonedlja issues: German version / English version